Bag filters

A standard or special model? One-off production? Small or large series? The choice is yours: Our bag filters are available in a range of versions, batch sizes and materials.

Filter bags and filter sacks

A high dirt holding capacity for retaining higher particle concentrations for batchwise filtration of liquids. Made of needle felt or fabric, fineness grades from 1 to 1000 µm, standard sizes 0, X0, 1 and 2. Special sizes and versions are possible.


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Anode bag for electroplating baths

For coating plate anodes and anode baskets, made of 100% PP needle felt or PP fabric. Available in filter fineness grades from 1 to 30 µm. The dimensions of Voigt anode bags are produced to precisely fit the size of the plate anode or anode basket.


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Stainless steel bag filter housing (BFG series)

Bag filter housing made of V4A stainless steel, in 4 series, compatible with all standard filter bags in sizes 0, X0, 1 and 2. All series can also be operated with a screen basket, with a fineness of 50 to 800 µm, instead of filtration with a filter bag.


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Plastic bag filter housing (VB series)

Compatible with all standard bag filters in sizes 0, X0, 1 and 2. Mounted on a PP bracket, the bag filter housing can also be supplied as a complete filter system with pump and pipework. All parts in contact with the media are made of PP.


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