Other wet filtration

Whatever your wet filtration application, Voigt has the right filter for you. We stock a wide range of standard products in our warehouse.

Other wet filtration

Filter press cloths

Pass-through filter cloths or overhang filter cloths for chamber, frame and membrane filter presses, made from a variety of fabric or needle felt materials. Adapted to the operating conditions in question through a range of surface treatments.


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Filter discs for electroplating baths

Made of 100% polypropylene needle felt for a high dirt-holding capacity and a long filter service life, made of paper or cardboard for easy, quick and low-cost filtration or made of activated charcoal fleece or activated charcoal cardboard.


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Plate filter devices (VP series)

Compatible with all standard filter discs. Mounted on a PP bracket, the plate filter devices can also be supplied as a complete filter system with pump and pipework. All parts in contact with the media are made of PP.


Filter fleece rolls

For separating solids from liquids, e.g. during machining processes such as grinding, milling or turning. A range of quality grades for surface and depth filtration are available for flow rate, particle size, viscosity or purity requirements.


Round-needled filter cartridges

Made of high-quality needle felt in multiple layers. Internal diameters between 19 and 450 mm with a maximum length of 2000 mm. Can also be used in existing GRÜNBECK filter systems. With special fibres for operating temperatures up to 700°C.


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Self-cleaning edge filters

For liquid and high-viscosity media with a fineness of 25 µm - 3 mm, self-cleaning without interrupting filtration. Robust, two-part housing, filter element can be easily removed. No disposal of filter cartridges. Max. operating temperature of 200°C.


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Fully-automatic backflushing filters (FMA series)

Backflushing filter with three separate chambers (coarse filtration, actual filtration, dirt chamber) and filter screens with a fineness of 10 - 1000 µm. Timed fully automatic self-cleaning mechanism with low water discharge per cleaning cycle.


Filter aids

CELITE-diatomaceous earth for optimum clarity, HARBORLITE-perlite as a useful addition as well as JELUCEL-cellulose for highly alkaline applications in the field of chemistry/electroplating as the primary coating on the filter elements used or as an ongoing addition.


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